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A Trip to the Windermere: Fresh Air and Beautiful Countryside in Windermere

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The lakes can provide a nice getaway for those wishing to avoid the flying side of a break. Situated in the south of Cumbria Windermere in particular has become increasingly popular with the those that like fresh air, the outdoors and some lovely British countryside as it offers a nice balance between rural tranquility and an entertaining night scene.

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Some of the Best Sites for Flights

Are you planning to take a holiday shortly? If so, getting the cheapest price on your airline tickets could depend on how you decide to search for them. Your first option is to contact each individual airline servicing your destination in hopes that you can negotiate the best deal. A second option is to contact a travel agent.

There is a third option – an option now being used by more and more travellers departing from the UK. That option is to search and compare prices yourself by using popular travel websites, we take a look at some of the most popular ones below.

It should be noted that some of these sites offer price comparisons only while others are complete, online travel agents. The comparison sites get their prices by constantly monitoring what each of the airlines is offering on a daily basis. Travel agents base their pricing on deals they have worked out with each of the carriers.


Skyscanner consistently ranks among the top comparison sites in terms of cheapest prices. How do they do it? By comparing prices for more than 1 million routes among nearly 1,000 airlines. Obviously, there are not that many airlines flying out of London, but the principle is still the same.

Something that sets Skyscanner apart are the helpful tools they offer on their website. The tools make it easy for customers to fine-tune their searches according to destination, day of the week, travel time and so on. It is a comparison site well worth visiting if you plan to fly out of London soon.


Travellers who tend to procrastinate are the ones who benefit most from LastMinute. As the site name implies, Lastminute is very strong in the area of special, daily deals the procrastinating traveller will find helpful. Think of it as the group couponing site for last minute comparisons and booking.

You might also be pleased to know that this site is the online arm of an established travel agency. That means you can both search and book here, without having to go to other service providers. What's more, you can search for more than just airline prices. Lastminute offers comparisons and bookings for hotels, car hire, and entertainment options.

You might use other websites beyond the four we have listed here. Just remember a couple of things. First, the airline industry is competitive enough that you are not likely to find a drastic difference in prices. Most of the prices you receive should be within the same general price range.


If you've used the MoneySupermarket website for things like insurance and energy, you will find Travelsupermarket very familiar. That's because Travelsupermarket is part of the MoneySupermarket group. This site is a comparison site using published data provided by the various airlines. It is one of the best sites for DIY comparisons.

The Travelsupermarket hallmark is a very short online form that can get you to your pricing information very quickly. Just answer a few basic questions and click the button; in mere moments, you will have a list of prices from which you can choose. Buying tickets to fly out of London has never been easier. Just remember that you will have to contact the service provider to actually purchase your tickets.

Second, comparison websites like Skyscanner do not guarantee their prices because they cannot. If you want price guarantees and other perks, you are better off using a travel agency website like Expedia.


Expedia is a name you are undoubtedly familiar with, thanks to international branding. Expedia is an online travel agent offering deals on everything from London-based flights to complete package holidays in some of the world's most sought after destinations. The main advantage of using Expedia is the fact that you can search and book all in the same place. Expedia offers other benefits including no cancellation or change fees when you book through them.

The fact that Expedia is an online travel agent also means that the price you are given is the price you will get. By contrast, comparison-only websites give you a price based on data that may change between the time you search and the time you get in touch with the service provider.